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Gardens and the act of tending to them can be vastly beneficial to your health and wellbeing. If your yard is on the smaller, sweeter side, you can still have access to these benefits and more from a garden fit your space. The following are tips on how to best take advantage of a smaller yard to create your own cozy corner.

Where to Start

Since your space is on the smaller side, you want to begin by narrowing down the elements that are most important to you. By focusing on your very favorites, you bring focus to the garden and allow what you choose to shine.

Additional factors to consider with regards to aesthetic are desire for symmetry and color palette. Both formal, symmetrical gardens and informal ones are possible even with a small yard. In terms of plant color palette, you should select just a few colors that tie together nicely. Light pink, greens, and whites, for instance are not too overwhelming in a small space, and maintaining a tight color palette creates a sense of ease. These colors can nicely tie into your home interiors as well.

A Small Garden for Your Microclimate

In addition to what you are stylistically drawn to, you can focus on available or desired sun or shade. Plants may be selected to either fit within the available sun or shade that exists in your yard, or to create additional shade. This may depend on your climate, or preference for warmth or a place to cool down. In addition to personal preference, the amount of shade and sun, which often changes throughout the day, will affect the plants that will best thrive there. Work with a Landscape Architect or designer to determine which plants fit best into your space.

Designing the Space

Small garden with a pondOther than plant choice, furniture plays a key role in the comfort and design of your yard. Since it’s a rather compact space, it’s a good idea to choose furniture that’s either lightweight and easy to move, or built into nearby retaining walls. Selecting furniture that’s as large as can be allowed in a given space will increase comfort, while maintaining focus on material that’s light in feeling. As for balcony gardens, you want to really choose light furniture and potted plants.

Fire pits and water features are definitely still possible in a small yard and can add a lot to the area. To conserve space, water features can be mounted on the wall and fire pits can double as tables for snacks or beverages.

Final Notes

Small garden with a fountain

Despite the urge, resist creating an enclosed circle of plants, to place furniture and other elements of your yard within. Focus outward with plants, lining walls and boundaries with the tallest plants, perhaps creating a cascade of gradually smaller plants in front. Another option is to plant mostly waist level plants throughout the yard, to allow for a relaxed feel without too much seclusion.

It may feel underwhelming to design a small yard, but small does not mean insignificant. Small creates a coziness that is inviting, peaceful, and more cost effective too!

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