Corinne Marangi
Citrus and other plants surrounding an outdoor table
Edible gardens play an essential role in improving local food security and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. By bringing fruits and vegetables straight from your garden to your plate or local community members’ tables, those same meals don’t have to travel the extra miles (as much as 1500 miles!) to get to there. Additionally, the activity...
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Humans are innately drawn to nature; biophilia being the term coined for our inherent desire to connect with the environment. Beyond the sense of ease that comes with spending time in the natural world, there are positive physiological benefits to spending time in the outdoors. An NPR article, by Marielle Segarra, states that trees have...
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On the day-to-day, not much thought may be given to the bee. In fact, many, such as myself, may assume that a bee’s sole purpose is to create honey. But in reality, there are 1600 species of bees in California alone—many of which do not create honey, but are vital to the California landscape. The...
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logs in a sand filled play space
The natural playground creates a world to be discovered; it consists of structures built from what exists in nature and allows for children’s creativity to shape their play. Here are some structures, which can be interwoven into a landscape design as a cost effective and equally safe alternative to standard structures. 1. Start with Some...
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Home shaded by street trees
A tree in your median is so removed, it may seem like a nonessential afterthought. But in reality, it is an important asset to you and your neighbors. Here are a few reasons you should consider planting a tree in your median. Urban Heat Island Effect is Mitigated By planting a tree in the median,...
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