Drought is normal for Southern California, but many of our public and commercial spaces are landscaped with water-thirsty plants. To help create more climate resilient landscapes, our office worked with South Pasadena Beautiful to design a new sustainable low-water garden at the South Pasadena Post Office.

The project will unfold in two phases, dying trees and grass in front of the building will be replaced with disease-resistant shade trees and colorful, California-friendly planting. The second phase will renovate the large lawn area to the side of the building with a new seating area and low-water plants and trees selected for their ability to attract birds and butterflies.

On Saturday, April 13, South Pasadena Beautiful will host a wine-tasting event following its annual Garden Tour, with all proceeds supporting the Post Office landscaping project. For details, go to http://www.southpasbeautiful.org/gardentour.

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