For the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the committed and energetic girls from South Pasadena Junior Girl Scout Troop 9461 on their Bronze Award, a community service project in which the entire troop decides on and commits to a project that serves their local community.

Cookies for a cause! Just a few of the girls from Troop 9461. Junior Troop 9461 includes: Cayna Ghaly, Violet Chin, Olivia Chin, Marlowe Arrieta, Annie Demaine, Grace Fayette, Madeline Park, Anna Kowal, Valeria Larios, and Laura Whang. Troop leaders are Christine Higgins Chin, Jean Whang, and Jenny Kowal.

In this case, the troop was inspired at the idea of planting succulents and other drought-tolerant plants at the entrance to South Pasadena’s Community Room, where the former water-thirsty plantings were showing signs of stress. We met in January, and I explained the process of planning and landscape layout and marveled at the girl’s enthusiasm. As soon as I explained the process, MANY hands flew in the air and a lively planning session followed. At a later meeting, the girls offered various layout design options and then consulted with me to help determine an accurate plant count and the most aesthetic design.

The plants were secured from Armstrong Garden Center at a discounted rate, thanks to the generous support of Tom Purnell, Assistant Store Manager. On Saturday, March 16, the girls and their leaders planted, and now the entry is looking lovely.

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