Art and Architecture: Kensington Gardens Visit

Coming from a city as park poor as Los Angeles, to one with an abundance of open space such as London, is truly inspiring.  I recently spent an afternoon experiencing art and architecture in Kensington’s Gardens, which features 240 acres of parkland in the heart of London.

I went expressly to see the Serpentine Sackler Gallery’s newly opened wing by architect Zaha Hadid.  It’s one of only four buildings by the Pritzker Prize-winning architect in her homeland.  But what really delighted me was a temporary pavilion designed by Japanese architect Sou Fugimoto.  Semi-transparent, human-scaled and interactive, it was like a being inside a cloud.

Nearby, an installation by Fischli/Weiss appropriately titled “Rock on Top of Another Rock” made me smile and think of LACMA’s big boulder back home.

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