Home shaded by street trees

A tree in your median is so removed, it may seem like a nonessential afterthought. But in reality, it is an important asset to you and your neighbors. Here are a few reasons you should consider planting a tree in your median.

Urban Heat Island Effect is Mitigated

Sweeping trees in a lawn in front of a blue house

By planting a tree in the median, you are taking an important step towards combatting climate change by providing shade and cooling urban temperatures. In addition to providing shade, the EPA states that this cooling effect stems from evaporation and transpiration, in which trees cool the area by releasing vapor into the air.

Air Quality is Improved

Newly planted trees in a median across from a house with succulents on the front lawn

Trees have the incredible ability to remove carbon dioxide from the air, store it, and then release oxygen in its place. By introducing a tree into the landscape of your median, you are directly offsetting your carbon footprint.

Stormwater is Absorbed

Young tree in a lush median landscape

Trees have the propensity to absorb excess stormwater and prevent flooding. Trees, among other plants, are now part of designed Sponge Cities, which have been designed to utilize plants as systems of flood and stormwater management.

Quality of Life is Enhanced

Old tree in a median, casting shade on a house

Beyond how lovely trees can be to look at, they have been found to positively affect one’s mental health. In this study, an increase in daily exposure to trees has been linked to a decrease in depression. By boosting the tree density in your neighborhood, by planting a tree or two in your median, you are not only improving your day-to-days wellbeing, but your neighbors’ as well.

How to bring trees to your neighborhood:

Cities, such as Los Angeles, have specific guidelines on how to plant a tree in your median. Partner with your landscape architect, if you have one, so they can help you navigate these guidelines and codes, and expedite the process if possible.

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