California natives
CAREX PRAEGRACILIS As the days get longer, and the cold known to Southern California drifts away, individuals look to picnic or lounge in a lush field of grass—enjoying the ever vibrant Los Angeles sun. One of the best ways to capture this field-like grass is to replace a lawn with drought-tolerant Carex Praegracilis, otherwise known...
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As climate change leads way to drier conditions and potential fire threats throughout California, it is important to consider how to keep your home safe by means of plant selection, proper maintenance, and landscape layout. Plant selection comes down to choosing various types of plants, including trees, that are firewise, meaning they tend to have...
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Just in the past few weeks, we’ve experienced more rainfall than Los Angeles typically has seen in a year. As rain and flooding have increased worldwide, cities have turned to green infrastructure to combat such issue. Founded by Kongjian Yu, landscape architecture firm Turenscape devoted decades to stormwater management by way of parks and other...
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