outdoor room
Front yard seating area with California native plants and fountain
The space in which we choose to live, our community, often includes people we rarely connect with naturally; they may not be our close friends or family, but those to which we are just geographically close. These individuals, however, pose pockets of connection that are important to our daily wellbeing, as shown in this study,...
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Furnishings play an important role in the way your outdoor spaces look, feel and most importantly, how they work. Designing environments that satisfy your needs requires understanding your space’s current and future uses. In this post, we’ll share the considerations we work through with clients when designing built-in or purchasing freestanding outdoor furniture for them....
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A relaxing outdoor seating area continues to be one of the most requested features from my clients. Here a few tips to consider when planning your own: How will you use the space? For intimate gatherings? Large parties? Make sure you allow enough room to enjoy the area the way you would like to.  For...
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