What’s it like to work with a landscape architect?

Design doesn’t need to be mystifying.

In this post, we will walk you through our design process and give visual examples.

1. Initial Consultation

In our initial meeting, we’ll get a preliminary understanding of your landscape needs, budget, and an initial view of the property. It’s important for clients to give as complete a list of desires at this stage as they can, so that we get an accurate scope of the project.

2. Predesign

At the beginning of the process, we get to know you, your property and the architecture of your home. How do you plan to use the space? What images have you collected? Communication is an essential part of the process. We use Pinterest or email to share design ideas and inspiration with our clients. (This is where the fun starts!)

4. Conceptual Design

Conceptual plans are the first full design plans that we share with our clients. They include locations for elements, including seating areas, pathways, water elements, outdoor kitchens, and planting. We offer 3-D rendering as an additional service to help you envision your new landscape.

5. Construction Documents

On modest-sized projects, once you have approved the Conceptual plans, we generate construction documents. (Larger projects will have a set of Design Development drawings as an intermediate step.) Construction documents are detailed plans ready for permitting and/or landscape construction. Planting, paving, irrigation, lighting are all called out on separate sheets.

6. Installation

To implement the design, we have longstanding relationships with several contractors. And we regularly visit our projects during construction to make sure the installation matches our client’s plans.

7. Final Walkthrough / Maintenance Advice

Our landscapes are designed to thrive with minimal maintenance. That said, a garden is a living thing and will always look better with ongoing care. We give you maintenance advice and are available for periodic check-ins to make sure your garden is thriving. And we are available to help select or purchase finishing touches, such as pots and furniture.

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